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School is coming to a close for the year and I'm having a really hard time staying motivated lately. I have such high standards for myself and my grades that I feel like such a horrible person when I can't get motivated. (I know that sounds silly, because I think that's called being human? Ha!) Up until the last month I didn't get to ski that much because of school work. Once the weather started getting nice all I wanted to do was ski, and now it's hard to get back on track. When you have something that you're so passionate about it's hard to balance it with the rest of your life; I see now how people can become workaholics.

On that note, this is a well overdue entry about the way I live. I was talking to my friend Rachel whose high school best friend attends a highly regarded college. Over the last two years they have become estranged because of her friend's demeaning opinion on our way of life, which is massively misunderstood. I think college is very important, I just think it's important to get out and experience the world as well. I'd honestly like to have a good chat with the idiot who decided it was a good idea for humans to spend their entire day inside a building. The sun rises everyday so you can see things... you know, outside. Some people may call us "ski bums", but it's so much more than that.

Me and my brother, who is studying medicine, talk quite a bit. I ask him about my injuries from skiing and he often wonders why I'm so in love with it even though it can be risky. Contrary to popular belief, I actually have a nerd side to me. I read this article in Time Magazine once about how the chemicals of love, happiness, and joy in a mothers brain after childbirth make the pain of pregnancy and delivery obsolete. That's exactly how skiing is for me, it's like a euphoria. The first thing I do when I wake up is think about skiing. I eat a good breakfast so I have energy for skiing. I don't drink, or smoke, or party so I can get a good night sleep and be well rested for skiing. I go out of my way to learn about nutrition so I'm that much healthier for skiing. I'm 20 years old... Really, you're going to look down on this?

I'm at one with nature and the mountains, and there's something so powerful about that because as humans we're so small. What's so captivating about skiing is how such a simple piece of fiberglass, wood, and metal can turn me into a superhero. I can move at highway speeds in complete control, jump heights with ease that would normally kill people, and cover thousands of feet through snow deep enough to halt transportation- all without the power of an engine or even the wind. Skiing has made me realize that I'm far more capable of feats that were ever deemed possible for humans. Yet there's something so natural about having skis attached to my feet, so much that it requires little to no thought while gracefully carving down a groomed path or trekking through the back country. My mind is clear from the worries of reality. I hear the snow under my feet, the wind through the trees, and the occasional hardy bird who stuck around for winter. There is nothing but tranquility in that.

I will never make a massive impact on this planet, but as a mountain girl, maybe the purpose of my life is just to enjoy it and make no lasting impact at all. I may never be rich with luxuries, but I know I'm always going to be rich with faith, appreciation, and humility. I may get hurt once in a while, but that's the price I'm willing to pay for the joy and happiness that skiing gives me. I can honestly say that I would rather die tomorrow skiing than to have never skied at all. I hope everyone finds something they love as much as I love skiing, otherwise I don't think life is worth living.

So before you judge someone based on their education, income, or way of life, remember that we are all out on the pursuit of happiness.  And thank the Lord we don't all find happiness in the same thing... Otherwise you would all be stealing my fresh snow on powder days!

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