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This past week was an extremely uneventful one for me. I was sick, sick, and more sick. So took the entire week off from skiing. I went to my friend Ethan's house for thanksgiving. We were missing quite a few people who flew home, but there was definitely a good number of us for our thanksgiving feast. I don't usually eat myself full because I hate that stuffed feeling, but everyone else sure did! My roommate's mom is in town and she learned how to ski today. She's from Arizona, so it was definitely a new experience. I finally talked myself into going to the doctor today and found out I have a sinus infection AND bronchitis. No fun at all... But here are some pictures from Thanksgiving!





Copper Says Goodbye to INTRAWEST!

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The last three days we have been training the new Barn Crew staff and Coaches and Woodward at Copper. I want to say congratulations and welcome to the team!! Woodward gets A LOT (that can not be emphasized enough) of applications, and Morrison and Phoebe make sure they pick the best of the best... so be proud! Today was our last training day and most of the time was just spent riding together on the mountain. I think it's really important for employees to get to know each other, feel like they can enjoy themselves and love their job... Woodward makes that really easy.

I also recently found out that Copper is in the finishing stages of being bought by Powdr Corp. This is extremely exciting news for me because Powdr Corp also owns Park City, and I have plenty of friends to visit who ride there! (You can click on their link above to see the other resorts they currently own.) From what it sounds like, the people who own and run Powdr Corp are very passionate about what they do, and I think they have a lot of good things in mind for Copper.

Grete Eliassen, another friend of mine who is a pro skier, is going to be in town this weekend. I haven't seen her since July, so I'm super excited to show her what I've learned. She's currently in the process of making a film that's going to be 2 year in the making. Here's one of the teasers:

SAY MY NAME TEASER from Stan Evans on Vimeo.


Snow, Pros, and Dog the Bounty Hunter?

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If I ever had to pick one of the most exciting weekends in my life to talk about, this would be it!

Last Thursday Breckenridge opened and it was a beautiful day. I took a few videos with my new Flip Video camera that was sent to me thanks to CMC! It's a pretty cool (very light weight) little video camera, and it comes with awesome software that makes it easy to upload, create, and post videos!

If that wasn't exciting enough, two very good friends, Angeli Vanlaanen and Ashley Battersby, got into town from Salt Lake City. Angeli and Ashley are both very talented pro skiers and I admire both of them so much! Me and Angeli spent the day skiing together, and then around 1:30 we headed out to Woodward. Angeli had a two hour private coaching session with one of the Woodward directors, and she really enjoyed it. Even pros can learn a lot there!
Friday I went to ride at Breckenridge, but left early for Keystone and met up with Angeli and Ashley. It was pretty busy, so we hiked the terrain park and they coached me on different features. I just started skiing, so they were pretty impressed on how comfortable I already was. I was also riding with my friends CJ and Jocelyn. Jocelyn followed me over a feature in the terrain park and ended up falling and breaking her first bone- her pinky finger! Sorry Jocey!
Unfortunately Angeli had to leave Saturday morning to go back to Salk Lake, but me and Ashley met up at Keystone. By the time I got there she was pretty much done for the day, so she sat and coached me while I hiked certain features in the park. She definitely worked me good, but I'm thankful because she makes me a much better rider. After a few hours we left to go to my friends Tyler and Ryan's house. They have a pretty sick club house with hot tubs, a pool, ping pong, a pool table, and racket ball, so we went and hung out there for a while.


Sadly, Ashley's car broke down on the way home that night. So the next morning we had to go and watch "Jimmy" be taken away to the car hospital. As you can see, Ashley was pretty traumatized... ha!

Sunday and Monday we spent at Breckenridge, and I met and got to ski with pro skier and Breck team rider Keri Herman. 

Last night my friend had told me that Dog the Bounty Hunter was staying in the hotel above the shop he worked at. Today while I was driving down Main St in Breckenridge, I spotted someone with long blond hair out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough, it was Dog the Bounty Hunter and his entire camera crew! I parked my car and pretended to walk down the sidewalk like I didn't know what was going on... but in all my excitement I forgot my phone in my car, so I didn't have a camera! If you're not sure who Dog the Bounty Hunter is, he has a reality TV show on A&E about catching criminals on the run who have broke their bonds. I'm not sure why he's in town, but it was exciting to see him nonetheless!



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Me and my friend Rachel shredded Keystone this morning. The sun was shining, the lines were short, the snow was awesome! Overall one of my most fun shredding days thus far! Here's a video of the park.


Great to be back!

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I had an awesome weekend in Wisconsin. It was a little too humid for my liking, but it was very fun nonetheless. While I was gone I spent a lot of time with my family, even visiting a few aunts and uncles and cousins. We talked a lot about skiing (obviously), so my mom finally decided she wanted to learn how. She hates the cold, so we'll see if she actually gets out and tries it this winter. I know she has the athletic ability to, she's an awesome water skier! My grandparents came over for an early thanksgiving dinner. I also loved seeing my dogs, Dillon and Dan.

On the plane ride there I was reading the November issue of Skiing Magazine and thought a few of the articles were blog worthy. The first I'm going to share with you is about a local skier Rainer Hertrich. It was ironic to see this article, since I had just seen Rainer in the local newspaper.

"By August 31, 2009, Copper Mountain snowcat driver Rainer Hertrich, 47, had skied 2,134 consecutive days. That's every day since November 1, 2003- since the Marlins won the Series, and through bouts of the flu, a separated shoulder, and four rib injuries. And he's still going. he works six months a year at Copper and shoulder-season days at Loveland and Arapahoe Basin. He grooms Mt.Hood by summer and finishes the year in South America. He's amassed more than 70 million vertical feet and a Guinnesss record, all on telemark gear."  - Eugene Buchanan

Here's the article in the Newspaper:

The next piece of an article I want to mention was tips and tricks for a more enjoyable season. A few of my friends have one horrible problem off the mountain: SMELLY BOOTS! Since I know everyone can't afford boot driers, the magazine gave an awesome tip. After your long day on the hill, put a dryer sheet in each boot. The wicking action helps dry them faster, and the scent keeps them smelling spring fresh!
And another tip that I'm sharing from personal experience; If you suffer from cold hands, and can't seem to find gloves that work, I have a solution. Wear latex gloves underneath your regular gloves. You know, the ones doctors and dentists wear! I know this sounds silly, but the latex will keep your sweat in, which will keep your gloves dry. I also think the latex helps keep the warmth against my hands better.

The last article I want to share is probably one of the coolest skiing stories I've ever read. Again, this article was taken from the November issue of Skiing Magazine.

" In the winter of 67'-68', I was 19 and recruited for the [redacted] ski patrol. Young and very sure of myself, I had the attitude that I could ski anywhere and could handle a toboggan.
     One day I was called to an accient in an advanced area. I was paired with "Dave," an avalanche-science guru who was also one of the strongest skeirs on patrol, and we took a two-man toboggan rig to the scene. We arerived to find a patiend with a dislocated hip, screaming in pain. Dave was a paramedic, meaning he was allowed to carry intravenous drugs. He took a needle from his pack and gave the shot to the patient. Thrity seconds later, our patient wetn from screaming to smiling.
    We packaged him into the sled and discussed the safest way down. I told Dave I'd skied this area a lot and I knew a chute through the cliffs. I told him to pick up his end of the toboggan and follow me.
    Dave had never skied this terrain before. The line was too steep for Dave's veteran edges, especially now that he was holding a loaded toboggan while dropping off the end of the world. We began skiing, me leading and Daven in the back. Suddently, we began to spin. Dave passed me- still holding on to the handles. Then the sled and I flew past Dave, who popped out of his skis and began selfarresting. I hung on for dear life, thinking we could recover and make it. But the sled broke my rip. I came ot a sop and watched the sled, still right-way-up, sailing down the ru. I started to ski fast, in hot pursuit.
    At first I though the whole rig might shoot down into the rocky amphitheater below. Instead, it beered into a few small threes, The sled bent the trunks in half but the trees halted its progress. I arrived about a minute after it stopped. I hurried to uncover the patient from the layers of tarp and blanket and feared the worst. When I got through, the guy looked up at m. With the same druggy smile he asked, "Are we at the bottom yet?"
    From that day forward, patrollers mandated the lowering of toboggans in this area with a rope.
    Twenty years later I was no longer a patroller but skiing in the same area with a friend, who broke his ankle. When patrol arrived, they bundled my friend in a toboggan and radioed th plan to HQ. "We're headed down Donny's Chute into the amphitheater with the patient and his friend. What's your name, sir?"
    Not knowing until that moment that the incident had gone down in local history, I answered him: "I'm Donny." As told by Jeff Burke.


Hi from Wisco!

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So yesterday I land in Milwaukee, get my bags, and go sit outside for my brother to pick me up. I see a car pull up with a Wisconsin plate and I excitedly say "Hey, they're from Wisconsin! That's where I'm from!" to the lady sitting next to me. She laughed and turned away. "Well, that's rude", I thought to myself. The next car pulls up and it also has a Wisconsin plate. I again get excited and yell, "Hey, they are too!" She then turns to me and says, "You're IN Wisconsin!" Goes to show how much I'm actually at the airport in Wisconsin... I guess I need to fly home more! Anyway, I was very excited to see my two dogs. I sat down on the ground and they came over and licked my face until I fell over. It should be a good weekend. Though I am bummed I'm missing the opening day of Copper and Keystone!!

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