Copper Says Goodbye to INTRAWEST!

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The last three days we have been training the new Barn Crew staff and Coaches and Woodward at Copper. I want to say congratulations and welcome to the team!! Woodward gets A LOT (that can not be emphasized enough) of applications, and Morrison and Phoebe make sure they pick the best of the best... so be proud! Today was our last training day and most of the time was just spent riding together on the mountain. I think it's really important for employees to get to know each other, feel like they can enjoy themselves and love their job... Woodward makes that really easy.

I also recently found out that Copper is in the finishing stages of being bought by Powdr Corp. This is extremely exciting news for me because Powdr Corp also owns Park City, and I have plenty of friends to visit who ride there! (You can click on their link above to see the other resorts they currently own.) From what it sounds like, the people who own and run Powdr Corp are very passionate about what they do, and I think they have a lot of good things in mind for Copper.

Grete Eliassen, another friend of mine who is a pro skier, is going to be in town this weekend. I haven't seen her since July, so I'm super excited to show her what I've learned. She's currently in the process of making a film that's going to be 2 year in the making. Here's one of the teasers:

SAY MY NAME TEASER from Stan Evans on Vimeo.

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