ABasin Closing Weekend and Summer Internship

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Ahhh... The first day of "summer". And it's just like Colorado to kick it off with a morning blizzard. *sigh*

This past weekend was closing time for Arapahoe Basin, the last standing ski resort in Colorado. I've gotta hand it to them; For one of the worst snow seasons in 20 years, it was pretty impressive that they were able to stay open into May. I spent my day there Saturday celebrating Cinco De Mayo and the One-Year anniversary of Phunkshun Wear. Phunkshun Wear is a new company I'm interning for, which I'll touch on later. Arapahoe Basin also had their annual Huck Rock and Roll slopestyle jam, as well as live music, a pig roast, and awesome spring skiing.

Following pictures taken by Carlo Marasigan

Anyway, Phunkshun Wear is a facemask company based in Silverthorne, CO that I've been interning for for a few weeks now. They originally wanted me to be an athlete for them and film some edits, so I went to their "lab" to get some swag and talk about sponsorship when one of them mentioned they needed an intern. As of now I'm working as their "customs" facemask designer for companies who want their own custom designs. In the future I'm going to be doing their blog and helping with some marketing as well.

I guess that wraps it up for the year! I usually do a big "year ending" entry, but I've been so busy lately! I'm sure I'll post some entries over the summer... As always, this is going to be the best summer ever!


Picnic in the Park!

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Yesterday was the last day of school for the year. Me and my giant group of friends spent the entire day at Carter Park in Breckenridge with volleyball, kickball, beanbag toss, bbq, and beers. It was an AWESOME way to start off the summer! It was warm, sunny, and an all around perfect day. My entries don't end here though! This weekend is also very eventful, so check back!

What's even MORE exciting is that I was hired by the town of Breckenridge to be a parks worker this summer. I've been assigned to take care of Carter Park, so you get to see where I'll be spending the majority of my summer (tough life)!

Here are some pictures from yesterday. This first group of pictures were taken by my friend and CMC student Kenzie Phelps.

This second group of pictures was taken on my cell phone... So obviously not quite as good! Haha!


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