Hi from Wisco!

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So yesterday I land in Milwaukee, get my bags, and go sit outside for my brother to pick me up. I see a car pull up with a Wisconsin plate and I excitedly say "Hey, they're from Wisconsin! That's where I'm from!" to the lady sitting next to me. She laughed and turned away. "Well, that's rude", I thought to myself. The next car pulls up and it also has a Wisconsin plate. I again get excited and yell, "Hey, they are too!" She then turns to me and says, "You're IN Wisconsin!" Goes to show how much I'm actually at the airport in Wisconsin... I guess I need to fly home more! Anyway, I was very excited to see my two dogs. I sat down on the ground and they came over and licked my face until I fell over. It should be a good weekend. Though I am bummed I'm missing the opening day of Copper and Keystone!!

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