Snow, Pros, and Dog the Bounty Hunter?

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If I ever had to pick one of the most exciting weekends in my life to talk about, this would be it!

Last Thursday Breckenridge opened and it was a beautiful day. I took a few videos with my new Flip Video camera that was sent to me thanks to CMC! It's a pretty cool (very light weight) little video camera, and it comes with awesome software that makes it easy to upload, create, and post videos!

If that wasn't exciting enough, two very good friends, Angeli Vanlaanen and Ashley Battersby, got into town from Salt Lake City. Angeli and Ashley are both very talented pro skiers and I admire both of them so much! Me and Angeli spent the day skiing together, and then around 1:30 we headed out to Woodward. Angeli had a two hour private coaching session with one of the Woodward directors, and she really enjoyed it. Even pros can learn a lot there!
Friday I went to ride at Breckenridge, but left early for Keystone and met up with Angeli and Ashley. It was pretty busy, so we hiked the terrain park and they coached me on different features. I just started skiing, so they were pretty impressed on how comfortable I already was. I was also riding with my friends CJ and Jocelyn. Jocelyn followed me over a feature in the terrain park and ended up falling and breaking her first bone- her pinky finger! Sorry Jocey!
Unfortunately Angeli had to leave Saturday morning to go back to Salk Lake, but me and Ashley met up at Keystone. By the time I got there she was pretty much done for the day, so she sat and coached me while I hiked certain features in the park. She definitely worked me good, but I'm thankful because she makes me a much better rider. After a few hours we left to go to my friends Tyler and Ryan's house. They have a pretty sick club house with hot tubs, a pool, ping pong, a pool table, and racket ball, so we went and hung out there for a while.


Sadly, Ashley's car broke down on the way home that night. So the next morning we had to go and watch "Jimmy" be taken away to the car hospital. As you can see, Ashley was pretty traumatized... ha!

Sunday and Monday we spent at Breckenridge, and I met and got to ski with pro skier and Breck team rider Keri Herman. 

Last night my friend had told me that Dog the Bounty Hunter was staying in the hotel above the shop he worked at. Today while I was driving down Main St in Breckenridge, I spotted someone with long blond hair out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough, it was Dog the Bounty Hunter and his entire camera crew! I parked my car and pretended to walk down the sidewalk like I didn't know what was going on... but in all my excitement I forgot my phone in my car, so I didn't have a camera! If you're not sure who Dog the Bounty Hunter is, he has a reality TV show on A&E about catching criminals on the run who have broke their bonds. I'm not sure why he's in town, but it was exciting to see him nonetheless!

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