Happy Halloween!

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This is probably the most beautiful Halloween I've ever had in my life! It was awesome to wake up to a crystal clear blue sky over Breck this morning.

This past week was my friends Maggie and Rachel's 19th Birthdays, so Happy Birthday to them! I guess the biggest event this past week was the snow storm, although I will say I feel Summit County got a lot less snow than they were saying we were going to get. I'm stoked for Boulder and Denver though, it's about time they get lucky with some snow! We did get enough snow to set up a pretty sick backyard jib session at my friend Evan's house though. We had a cliff drop to down rail, a long box (that was actually a stadium bench seat), a jump over a barrel, to an uprail. Here are some pictures:

I'm heading home late Wednesday night to visit family until Sunday. I'm super stoked to see my dogs, oh... and family! ;-)  We're going to have a mini early Thanksgiving while I'm there, and it will also be super awesome to have a home cooked meal. Fortunately my roommate makes good meals, because I am no cook, but it's still nothing like home.

I heard that while I'm gone Keystone is opening, (on Thursday to be exact). As much as I'm going to enjoy being home, I already can't wait to get back and check it out. From what I've heard they're going to be opening with two jumps and more than 20 features in their A51 terrain park. How sick is that?! So make sure you check it out this weekend!

Copper Mountain is also opens this weekend. On Friday they're starting their 5th annual opening weekend festival. They're going to have bands, demo centers, shred movies, chairlift prizes and more! Even if you don't have a Copper Pass, it's worth the drive to go check out the mountain, the barn, and Copper!

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