Red Bull: Stashed!

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I had yet another exciting weekend of skiing, along with a county wide scavenger hunt! On Saturday I drove my friends CJ and Derek out to A-Basin to meet up with all our friends. It was so warm out with blue bird skies, and we all had an awesome shred session. We were cruising down the road on our way home and Derek was sitting shotgun drinking his Red Bull. As we kept driving, I saw what looked like a Red Bull car, which was ironic since Derek doesn't even usually drink energy drinks. We caught up and Derek rolled down his window. He stuck his Red Bull can out, gave them the thumbs up and yelled "Yeahh!!". They giggled, and a few minutes later caught back up to us and told us to pull over. We pulled over and talked to them awhile and they hooked us up with mad amounts of Red Bull and their newer Red Bull Energy Shots.

We asked them what they were doing just driving around, and they told us about the country wide contest they're doing called Red Bull Stash. Basically, Red Bull is hiding "stashes" (cases of their Red Bull Shots) all over the U.S. You have to go to their facebook page and type in your area code. Then, you can read hints and try to find the "stashes" hidden in your area. If you find one, you get the code to get the hints for the grand prize. It sounded super cool, so that night I kept updating their facebook for for hints. Around 7:00pm I saw they finally had posted hints for stashes hidden somewhere in Montezuma (Keystone area) and Dillon. CJ, Derek and I, joined by our friend Rachel, all piled in my SUV and drove out. The first hint read, "Need to tune up your skiis or snowboard before you hit the gondola. Stop at the booth on your right and you will find all your tools and some wiiings!" After about 15 minutes of searching in the surrounding area around the Keystone gondola, we decided to venture farther out. CJ and Rachel went one direction, and Derek and I went another, though he was still a good distance away. I was shining my flash light all over looking for some kind of tuning bench, and finally I spotted one about 50 feet away. I run over and around the back of it. It was kind of like a box, except it had no back so it was hollow. I shined my flashlight into it and sure enough, I found it!!

Being super stoked, we all ran back to my car and drove out to Dillon. The second hint read "Next to the amphitheater look up and to your right. There you will find a picnic area. Walk out to the farthest bench and enjoy the view with your wiiings." We searched for about a half hour, but unfortunately had no luck. That night I saw on the website that it had been found. Bummer! It was SUPER fun though!!! Stuff like that doesn't happen very much... so it definitely made for a fun night!

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