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I spent this weekend at A-Basin shredding!! Saturday I went earlier in the morning and the lift lines were pretty ridiculous, although they did go down significantly later in the evening. Sunday I got there around 1:00 and stayed until close. I took double the runs Sunday than I did Saturday.

The hill was super fun. There were a few small icy patches here and there, but overall I'm very impressed. The park had a flat down rail to down rail, and then a picnic table to corrugated pipe jib. I noticed that the two rails were pretty close together, so you have a bit too much speed going into the down rail if you don't hop off the first a little early and speed check. I heard they're supposed to put up two more features, not sure if they've done that yet. Besides that, it's a super awesome little park!




  • October 13, 2009 at 9:10 AM
    Anonymous says:

    That's So Stoking Awesome! Siiick! :) That me smile lol awesome dood! :) Right on bro!


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