New Beginnings

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This weekend I moved into my new apartment in Breckenridge with my best friend Raven. We literally have a two minute walk to the Gondola on Main Street. And here are our views: (pictures don't even do justice.)


I'm very happy to be living in Breckenridge, especially right downtown. I love being able to walk and bike everywhere, and live so close to all my friends. Walking to the gondola is probably my favorite part... along with the view.

Saturday I woke up to not a cloud in the sky, so I decided it would be fun to go around to all my favorite spots that look over Breckenridge and take some pictures.

Breckenridge from Baldy Mountain.

Breckenridge from Boreas Pass Rd.

Breckenridge from Ski Hill Rd.

Last weekend me and 6 friends went to Green Mountain Reservoir. It's about 40 minutes past Silverthorne on the way to Steamboat Springs. We originally went out to cliff jump into the reservoir, but quickly realized the water level had significantly dropped and the cliffs were about 2 times their normal size. After a few jumps my friend decided the water was too cold, the drop was too scary, and the climb back was up was too sketchy. We looked across the reservoir and saw saw water flowing into it down this open concrete drain. So we made some fun out of that, instead. Check out the pictures and videos below!

Green Mountain Reservoir.

The cliffs.

 Here's a picture of the "natural slide".

Here's a video of my friend Michael jumping.

Here's my friend Alex hitting the "natural slide".

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