Green Runs and Dirtbikes

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The last two weeks have been crazy, so much going on!! My mom was out in Colorado this week visiting and learning how to ski. She couldn't have seemed more happy when I picked her up- exclaiming how awesome it was to get away from the political drama in Wisconsin. My poor dad and brother had to stay behind! She's been a water skier her whole life so I wasn't surprised when she was basically parallel skiing by the end of the first day! Her second day she did even better! I'll post some pictures in my next entry when she reads this and sends them to me. I also took a day for some sight-seeing and drove her through Glenwood Canyon. We stopped and took pictures around the base of the Hanging Lake hiking trail with some beautiful little waterfalls and streams. We both would have really loved to hike the trail, but it's a pretty gnarly 2-3 hour trip and we were completely unprepared! I look forward to going back in a month or so with some friends when everything is green and blooming. Me and her both agreed that Glenwood Canyon is probably what heaven looks like.

I googled some pictures of Hanging Lake and the trail leading up to it:

On another note I am SO excited for this summer!! I have wanted a dirtbike my ENTIRE life and I finally got one! Me and my friend bought our friend's dirtbikes. My dream brand too: Yamaha!! It's going to be a fantastic summer of hiking, dirtbiking, and all the other activities in Colorado.

Not a very good picture because they're still in our friend's garage, but his is the front one and mine is the back one!

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