Bye Bye Winter!

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Today is the last day of winter!!! I can't believe it... this season went by so much faster than last season! My mom is going to be coming out in a few weeks to learn how to ski and I'm very excited. Two days ago I got to ski with a friend that I knew all through school. She has been a skier since she was 2 and her and her dad came out to Colorado for a ski trip like they do every year. It was so fun catching up!!!

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do with myself this summer for a while now. Since I wasted last summer because of surgeries I want this one to be EPIC! I gave myself two choices:

1. I could stay in Breckenridge, get a full time job, make a lot of money (well, a lot more than choice 2) and find summer hobbies.
2. I could go to Windells in Oregon (A summer camp for skiing and snowboarding) and work with all my friends all summer and get to ski all summer. But that's IF I get the job.

I'm leaning more towards number one because I've fallen in love with another expensive extreme sport (this is where my parents cringe). A few months ago I saw this short edit filmed in Utah with skiers paragliding on skis. There are many names for the sport that combines the two; speedgliding, speedflying, skigliding, etc. Ever since I've seen this I can't stop thinking about it! I don't think I would ever jump out of a plane to go skydiving, but this is a very happy medium between leaving the ground and being thousands of feet up. It's very expensive initially, but once you have the gear and you're certified it's free!

Anyway, I really want to take an introductory course this summer just to cure my curiosity. There's one that will teach you the basics and getting you flying 5 times for around $300. I looked it up and of COURSE there's classes in Boulder and Golden!! (I sure do love this state!) This video just makes me get butterflies of excitement! I get the biggest smile when I watch it.

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