Winter On It's Way!

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I woke up this morning to a very peculiarly bright room. Not the "it's a sunny day out" kind of bright, or a "I left a light on" kind of bright, but more of a glowing aura. It took me a second to register my groggy brain, but as soon as I realized what was happening I booked it up the stairs to our main level. I rounded the corner and was nearly blinded by the light. Our patio door curtains were left open and revealed the most beautiful sight for a skier or snowboarder- The first legit snow storm of the season!

I shook my roommate Adam awake who had fallen asleep on the couch, and he ran to the window like the house was on fire. Two of my roommates, Adam and Frank, are new to the mountains from Pennsylvania, and the idea of snow in October is extremely foreign to them. We sat there admiring the big "fatty" flakes that fell ever so gently, and my roommate Lexi started walking down the stairs a few minutes later. Completely unaware and still half asleep, she stopped dead half way down and squinted out the window. She rubbed her eyes and looked again, and got a facial expression I won't forget.

"No way! NO WAY! NO WAY! WHAT?! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!" She started yelling, and ran the rest of the way down the stairs. "AHHHHHH!!!" She screamed, and turned around and high-fived me. "Does Rachel know?" I asked her.
"No!" She yelled again, and we sprinted up into Rachel's room.
"Get up, get up, get up!" We yelled, and Rachel sat up wide-eyed and confused as ever in bed. Her dark blinds were shut tight, so Lexi ran over and pulled them open.
"AHH!!!! OH MY GOSH!" She yelled, and we all ran downstairs, joined by our newest roommate from Norway, Sig. We were like little kids on Christmas morning who just discovered a living room full of presents.

We all stood staring for a few minutes, until Adam and Rachel decided to try snowboarding. (Clearly there wasn't enough to go snowboarding, but their excitement and determination was too cute to ruin.) They ran for their rooms and met again in the living room with full snowboarding attire. Me, Lexi, and Sig watched them attempt to snowboard out back for a while, until they decided it wasn't going to work just yet. We all went out on our deck and decided to build a snowman instead.

(All of my roommates, minus Frank.)
 Lexi, Rachel, Adam, Sig

Some more photos!

Later in the day the snow was still around!

Needless to say winter is well on it's way, and I can't wait to ride!


  • October 13, 2010 at 11:38 PM
    ben1257sb says:

    Ali this is so sick! Steamboat mtn got snow at the top but nothing like this. Its been raining like none other here. From the looks of it, I think all CO resorts are going to have a killer season!


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