No More DOOD-Tour!

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Ahhh, finally the pictures have arrived! As I said in my last entry, my friend Riley who is a 18 year-old professional photographer was in town from Salt Lake City. We met around 10:30 Saturday morning and headed over to the Middle Fork of the Swan River 4x4 trails in Breckenridge. I have driven this trail many times, and knew it would be the perfect trail for some good quick shots since we were limited on time. The first half of the trail was full of big muddy puddles because of the recent snowfall, and the upper half still had snow on it... Off-roading over snow was definitely a new experience, but so fun! We only had time to drive up a few miles, but I made it to a mine called Tony's Mine that has some incredibly preserved mine buildings. Here are some of my favorite shots!

(I have a video on my videos page of me crossing this same river in June. 
The water level was so much lower this time around!)
(I thought the hat, glasses, and boots would fit the old mining style!)

(Who said girls can't drive? I get it done on AND off road!)
On another note, news has just been released that female freeski has been welcomed back into Dew Tour! The Dew Tour, which is hosted in Breckenridge, Vermont, and Utah, decided to take female freeski out of the competition last year. The decision caused quite an intense stir, especially since there weren't any female snowboard events that were taken out. Quite a few of my good friends, Ashley Battersby, Anna Segal, Angeli Van Laanen, and Dania Assaly have already registered. I'm very excited for all of them!! It was bad enough to see the males making more than double the females for placing in the top 3 when the females are throwing almost the same tricks. It's kind of messed up how a 7ft tall guy can make millions a year for dunking a basketball and a 5 foot girl makes barely enough to survive for going inverted over a 70 foot gap.

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