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This post in long overdue, and I apologize for that. Time gets away from me now that the year is quickly ending.

This past weekend I went to Park City, Utah. I have been having some nasty health problems and was kind of stressed with school, so I decided a mini vacation would be nice. The drive was very long, and there wasn't much to look at for most of it. I never realized how interesting nothing could be to look at, ha! The 5th Annual Queens Cup was being held in Park City, which is an all female ski and snowboard competition. I stayed at my friend Ashley's house, and her father and his girlfriend were soooooo sweet to all 10 of us girls and 1 boy. They made us delicious meals and welcomed us like we were family. It was really cool to ride a new resort, the terrain was so much different than Breck. And it was even cooler that I didn't have to pay for any lift tickets because PowderCorp owns Park City and Copper, where I work. To say the least, I missed the greenery. The competition was awesome, and all my friends did awesome as well, but after 4 days I was very happy to be back. I wish I had taken more pictures, I guess I was just too caught up having fun!

My friend Ashley in black and my friend Maddie in pink coaching their team before the competition.

Papa bear Mr.Bill Battersby cooking us some breakfast!

Gus, the only guy of the group, hanging in their even in the wee hours of the morning to cheer on his girlfriend Eli! Awwww, what a guy!

The sunset just outside of Steamboat on the drive home. So beautiful!

As you all know yesterday was April Fool's Day, which for Breckenridge locals means "Gaper day". Gapers are what we call tourists who dress, ski and act funny. April Fool's Day is our day to make fun of them. I was in school and had tons of homework, so I didn't get to participate... but I have some awesome photos my friends took. It looked like it was a blast.

From left to right: Kaitlin, Ethan, CJ, Derek, and Ian in their gaper gear! Too funny!

As school is coming to an end I'm realizing how fast this year went by. Most of my friends are moving back home for the summer in a month, and I don't know who is all coming back. It was by far the most fun year of my life, from cliff jumping, to longboarding, to skiing, hikes, and going to the Dew Tour and X Games. This year was way more than I ever expected it to be, and I'd like to thank CMC for that. Our youth goes by so quickly, so why spend all day in school wasting it away when we're going to work the rest of our lives? CMC gave me the freedom to do what I love during the day and go to school in the evening. It was the perfect balance.

I will for sure be coming back next year, because I can't see myself living anywhere else. As the commercial says: "Colorado is the only place you'll see a $2,000 mountain bike on top of a $200 dollar car, and it's the only state where people will drive 2 hours to ride 12 inches of powder, but can't get to work when there's 4." The people here believe in slowing down and enjoying their lives, and not sacrificing that for work. It's no wonder we're the skinniest state in the U.S. And speaking of skinny, I started this new 40 minute pilattes work out, I'm so addicted I do it twice a day! 

As much as I love skiing and school, it will be nice to get a change of pace. I skied all last summer too, so after doing it for a year straight, I'm ready for a break. I'm excited to get home and see my dogs, and my extended family, and get up to our family's summer house for some fishing and jetskiing.

Man, I sure do live a rough life... Ha!

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