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Lately I have been getting a lot of emails regarding roommates and housing, I guess it's that time of year! Though I cannot personally get you set up with a roommate or a place to live, I can point you in the right direction!

Craigslist is probably the #1 spot to look for roommates or housing if you live out of state. A majority of my friends live here in Breck in houses with 3-7 people, while others live in apartments (like me) with just one other person. There are also some friends who live out in Blue River. The upside to living in town is that you can take the bus or walk virtually anywhere, but rent is going to be more expensive. The upside to living in Blue River is that the rent is going to be cheaper, but you have to drive into town because the buses don't go out there. Blue River is known for it's big nice houses, while Breck is known for convenience. It all depends what you're looking for!

If you live in Summit County or are visiting for the day, you can always get a Summit Daily Newspaper. There are always tons of listings for roommates or open rooms, and then you can go meet the roomies and check out the place before you move in!

If you are looking for a job as well as going to CMC, you can try and get a job at any of the Vail resorts and live in employee housing until you find a more permanent home. Employee housing is on Airport Rd, just a short 10 minute walk to CMC! Rent is month to month, so you can leave at anytime... and it's actually pretty darn nice for employee housing! On top of that, it's probably the most affordable you'll find in Breckenridge. I have a friend who lives there, so I'm there quite often.

Here's some advice:
  • Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into when you sign a year lease. There are not a lot of job opportunities here in the summer and a lot of people leave.
  • If you are looking at an apartment, make sure you have a roommate before you sign the lease. A few friends signed without a roommate, and ended up paying quite a few months rent until they found one. That, and a few roommates have bailed because they were not on the lease, therefor not responsible for rent.
  • If you don't have a vehicle, try to find a place in Breck. The free bus does go all around Summit County, but it's not a short ride. The free bus does not go to Blue River, either.
  • If you have pets, make certain with your landlord that they are allowed on the property. When me and my roommate signed our lease our landlord told us it was fine we had my roommates 90lbs chocolate lab. After moving in we met our manager and she informed us only owners were allowed to have pets, no matter what our landlord said. 
That's all I can think of for now, happy house hunting! 

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