April Snow Storm

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Last weekend I packed up all my ski gear and called it a year. I know A-Basin and Loveland are open until June, but I'm not really a fan of slush riding on groomed runs, so I figured I wouldn't go again. It started snowing Friday and hasn't stopped since. This whole weekend was supposed to be dedicated to school work, but with the snow I couldn't resist. I decided to go to A-Basin yesterday and it ended up being the best powder day of the year for me. I got there around 8:30 (the chairs start running at 9), and parked right up in the front. I was one of the first chairs up and had fresh tracks all day, with absolutely no lift lines. I decided to leave around 12:30 because I knew I had school work, and I also knew I wanted to get a few runs in this morning too.

This morning I got up at the same time, and left at the same time. Apparently everyone else in Summit County finally got the memo about the snow storm. I got to Keystone and traffic was at a dead stop... with another 9 miles to go to get to A-Basin. I was shocked. I realized I didn't have enough gas to get there and back if I was going to have to sit in a traffic jam, so I drove about 8 miles back to Dillon. By the time I got back the traffic jam hadn't moved, but I decided to try and wait it out anyway. I sat in it for an hour and a half, and finally decided to go home.

I'm bummed I don't get to ride today, because it's the most snow we've ever gotten in one day all season. But I'm happy I got to go yesterday, because I didn't think I'd even ride again this season, much less get a powder day. Besides, finals are next week and school work is what's most important. I'm 19 years young, and I have plenty of powder days ahead of me.

Powder Tree Runs at A-Basin, April 23rd.

A-Basin, April 23rd.

Outside my friend's house last night in Silverthorne, CO.

Attempting to drive up to A-Basin this morning.

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