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Last night my friend Evan had his 19th Birthday so he threw a party. He had his band play in his basement and they were awesome! After they were done playing I asked if I could hop on their drumset for a little while. A few of the band members quickly realized I knew what I was doing, so they started improvising with me. Before I knew it the entire band was jamming with me, including Evan on vocals and guitar. I looked up and the entire party, including all my friends were cheering me on. I hadn't told anyone I knew how to play the drumset, so I think it was quite a surprise. I really missed playing, and it felt awesome to be able to jam again. Hopefully next year I will be living in a house instead of an apartment so I can have my drumset in my basement. It's a natural talent I really took for granted growing up.

Then today me and my friends walked Main St. and looked at all the Snow Sculptures. I had seen a few of them a few days ago, and it's crazy to see how awesome they actually turned out! Here they are! My friend CJ helped sculpt the Starbucks one where she worked. They had put dry ice in the cup so it was steaming, but unfortunately it was done steaming by the time I took the picture.


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