Are YOU Insured?

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So far this season I have had three friends tear their ACL, one friend of a friend tear her ACL, MCL and Meniscus (at once), and two friends break their arm and need surgery (one being my roommate). Unfortunately my roommate doesn't have insurance. I don't know about any of my other friends that got into accidents... but it made me think. Why's insurance so expensive? Turns out it's not anymore.

Now before you keep reading, this isn't general health insurance, it's accident insurance. But starting at around $17 a month, you can't go wrong. If you blow out your knee in Alaska, you're covered. If you crack your head open in New Zealand, you're covered. I have a lot of friends who are aspiring athletes working night jobs because they ride all day trying to make their dreams come true. They can't have health benefits with their dish washing job or afford it on their own. Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, no matter what. With the chances being so much higher in action sports, it's so important to have it. Here are a list of the things it covers:

If you feel like this is something that's right for you, you can find out more information at www.xsinow.com.

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