Merry Late Christmas!

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I'm sitting at the airport in Milwaukee waiting for my flight back to Colorado. I actually don't mind sitting at the airport. As much as I hate being in a crowd, I like sitting off to the side people watching, which is a good thing because I'm usually pretty early for my flights. Unfortunately that wasn't the case when I left Colorado. I had no idea the Denver storm would be as bad as it was, so the highway was a parking lot. When I finally got to the airport I waited in a ridiculous ticket line to find out that I was in the wrong one. Midwest and Frontier were both bought by Republic, so there has been some mix-ups with their tickets. My ticket said I was flying out Frontier, but I had to get my ticket via MidWest. Long story short, I ended up making it just in time. Then we sat in the airplane for a half hour while we waited in a line down the runway. If taking off in a blizzard wasn't bad enough, we had to circle a few times before landing in Milwaukee... there was a blizzard there, too. I arrived an hour late, and I was tired, hot, and crabby. But nothing like good ol' Wisconsin humor to cheer me up as I'm walking through the airport.

Here's a T-Shirt that was in a gift shop window:
(Contrary to "Nothing Runs Like A Deere" for John Deere tractors.)

Yes, I live in Wisconsin. Yes, my dad does have a big new John Deere. Yes, I like Cheese. But no, I don't drink beer and or eat brats. In fact, I hate both.

I spent Christmas day at my Grandparents house with all my cousins, aunts, and uncles. We found out my younger cousin Michael was accepted into the Army and we are all really proud of him.

I also spent a lot of time at the hill I grew up riding on. I knew the hill was going to look a lot smaller, but clearly I was still unprepared. I walked into the Ski Instructors backroom and out to the office where the windows open up to the biggest hills- my jaw dropped. All my friends who were there started laughing, all I could say was "wow!" It was the day after Christmas, so naturally it was packed with families from Milwaukee and Chicago. The morning wasn't too bad though, so I was able to get in a few hot laps with a good friend I hadn't seen in ages. I forgot how freezing it was in the Midwest. And to top things off it was snowing, so all my clothes were soaked. Around noon it got really busy, and I quickly realized why I had left in the first place. I spent about 6-7 minutes in the lift line, 2-3 minutes on the lift, and 30 seconds going down the hill... literally. And then I'd have to go inside every 5 or 6 runs to warm up my hands and feet and face and, you get the idea. I stuck it out though and stayed to do some night riding which I haven't done since last season. I also got to catch up with a lot of friends. I had worked in ski school full time last year, so I got to know a lot of the instructors really well. During the week days a lot of them were older and retired, and I always loved their company. Two of which taught me how to ski (thanks Randy and Louie!) Going back also made me realize how spoiled I really am. I am so thankful for where I live, that I can walk to the gondola, and the beautiful mountain I get to ride on everyday. I really am living the dream.

This picture is from last season, but here's our big hill!

Unfortunately I also had to spend a lot of time at home, since I didn't have a car. I learned graphic design and how to make websites when I was about 14, so sometimes I use it to pass time. I added a "bulletin board" I made to my About Me page that has all things Ali! If you haven't yet, check it out.

I'm also going to be adding a Q & A page for prospective students or curious parents. If you have any questions, ask away! Or if you have any you'd think parents or prospective students would ask, send them my way!

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