X Games and X Terra!

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It's the 2nd week of 2nd semester and so far I'm enjoying all of my classes. Winter break wasn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be. Besides totaling my car, I didn't do a whole lot... Not a lot of people were around. I'm glad to be back in school and seeing all my friends, even if it does mean a little less riding.

My mom and brother left early this morning to drive my new X Terra SE 4x4 out here! My mom's dropping my brother off at the airport and then she'll be here around 10:30 tomorrow morning! It's been 2 1/2 weeks without a vehicle and I am soooo excited to have one again. My mom and dad sadly fell in love with the X Terra after they bought it for me on Saturday. They wanted to keep it! It's used, but looks brand new.

Next weekend is X Games and I'm soooo excited to go watch my friends compete!!! I will also be doing some stuff for CMC and Woodward, so if you're there, look for me in a Woodward jacket! Oh, and if you know anyone in the Aspen or Glenwood Springs area who would let me stay at their place for a night or two, let me know! 

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