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As you may have heard, since it has turned into national news, professional skier Sarah Burke is in a coma at a Salt Lake hospital after a crash in Park City's pipe. After talking to a few people who were there it sounds like a freak accident, since most have said it wasn't an extravagant fall. She landed her trick, caught an edge in the bottom of the pipe, and fell over hitting her head. Unfortunately it twisted her head in the perfect position to tear her vertebral artery causing a brain hemorrhage. She had a successful surgery, but we haven't heard much since.

Sarah is my idol, she has been ever since I started skiing. The last time I saw her was during the with Grand Prix at Copper this year. She was telling to me about how excited she was to go visit her sister and nephews in Denver, and it's hard to know that the Sarah we knew might not be that Sarah anymore... especially because of the impact she has had on the industry. She is, in all actuality, the reason female freeski exists. She is also one of the main reasons female freeski is now in the Olympics, and she pushed so hard because it was her dream to get a gold medal... My heart is breaking for her.

Please take a moment to watch this short excerpt from The Ski Channel's feature film, Winter.

Keep her, Rory (husband), her family, and friends in your prayers! Believe in Sarah!

I have other things I want to blog about, but I felt she deserved an entry all to herself. We love and miss you Sarah, hope you're shredding pow in those dreams. Please wake up soon!

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