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First off I thought I'd share some legitimate photos of fall that my roommate Rachel took last week with her camera. 99% of my pictures are taken with my iPhone, so you can never get the real colors out.

(Don't forget you can always click any of the pictures on my page for a bigger view.)

Yesterday evening a really cool storm rolled in. I love the storms in the mountains because they move so quickly. I could tell this one had a lot of accumulation because the clouds were really low and really high and kind of misty... which is rare for Colorado being so dry.

The word around Breckenridge was that we were supposed to get our first dusting of snow above the timberline tonight, and sure enough I woke up to a dusting! It's very exciting, the first sign of winter! The snow and cold weather is definitely late this season, but I'm hoping it's because of La Nina and she's cooking up a little more before it dumps all season. Hopefully Loveland and A-Basin won't have to keep canceling the start of snowmaking. As I type this it has started to sleet out... it's not hair, it's not snow, and it's not rain... it's kind of like a soft hail. Hopefully that means it's snowing up on the peaks!!!

UPDATE: It IS snowing!!!!

The other day I was riding my bike and took a nasty spill. It is by far the worst road rash I've ever had in my life. I'm three days into it and it's the most painful it's been yet. It's hard to decide if I should keep wrapping it because the air stings so bad, but at the same time I want it to scab up! My knee is pretty bruised and swollen too, and unfortunately I took off a layer of my tattoo with the bandages this morning. OUCH! I've been doing a good job with keeping it clean etc, but if anyone has any pain remedies PLEASE let me know!!!

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