A New Year!

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Ahhhh the first week of school done! This semester I'm taking Accounting, Microeconomics, Small Business Management, Business Communication and Report Writing, and Avalanche Safety. Two of my classes actually haven't started yet, but I would have to say my favorite so far is Accounting, which is funny because not only do I have no friends in that class, I have to drive all the way to Dillon for it. But my teacher is fabulous- full of energy and smiles and very personable, and I really enjoy the topics we have talked about so far. I'm loving all of my classes this semester though. I'm finally able to start taking a lot of business classes, which I'm really excited about. I have really found my niche in business, and hope I make a great business owner someday. As much as I love skiing I really do like being in school, especially when I'm able to study things I'm interested in. This might be a crazy first semester, but I'm stoked for all the things I'm going to learn.

I also moved into my new place this week with my friends Rachel and Lexi. Our friend Sig from Norway will be moving in in a few months, and I guess my friend Lexi is letting two of her guy friends sleep on our couch for a while. Not to stoked about that, but it's nice to go from living with one person who was never home to a bunch who are around. We have some classes together or at the same time too, which will hopefully save on gas. I'm also not super excited about living so far up Boreas Rd this year. I'm use to being able to just walk to the store or down Main St. But I can't complain... Check out our view!!!


  • September 9, 2010 at 6:53 PM
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Ali: Great read!!!! Everything seems to be falling into place - school subjects - 'home' - weather (for the moment) for a wonderful semester filled with study etc. We are very happy for you and will follow your comments with joy!!!We are fine - enjoying every day. Do you have a mailbox yet??? The weather is signaling for baking time. Love G&GS


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