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I know the year's not over yet, but I was looking through my iPhone and noticed there were so many awesome photos, 400 to be exact, and I haven't shared hardly any of them. I got my newest iPhone this past summer, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites starting from then, until now. (You can click any of the pictures for a larger view.)

My two dogs, Dillon and Dan. Dillon (top) is a 1-year-old Golden Doodle Pug, and Dan is (7 in this pic), but now an 8-year-old Yellow Lab.

The staff dock at one of my favorite places in the world: Lake Owen Camp in Northern Wisconsin.

My first tattoo. Fibromyalgia awareness.

Another one of my favorite places. Our family's summer house on Minocqua Lake in Northern Wisconsin.

Where I spent a lot of my summer. Copper Mountain, Colorado.

I took a bike ride to the Frisco Marina before a storm rolled in.

Clinton's Gulch, a short drive from Copper Mountain.

One of my favorite views. Copper Mountain on the right.

Colorado Mountain College on the left with Baldy Mountain in the distance.

A rainbow from the patio of Colorado Mountain College.

The sky chutes, taken from Copper Mountain, Colorado. Can you see the word "sky"? You're looking at the backside of Breck. I heard it's illegal, but in the winter you can see tracks where people rode down them.

My friends longboarding on Boreas Pass Rd. I would follow them down the entire mountain, at the bottom they'd all pile in my SUV and we'd drive back up. We'd do this all day long...

The mountains looked so majestic when the smoke from the California wildfires moved in.

My friends getting ready to jump in at Green Mountain Reservoir.

Taking my roommate's dog Chaco for a walk on Baldy Mountain.

HAHA! My friend Rachel in business class. How does THIS happen?!

When my friends Paul, George, Tony, and Mark moved into their place they didn't have a lot of furniture. Here's Paul getting comfortable in a storage bin.

Fall starting to arrive in Copper Mountain.

Mother nature does beautiful things. Can you believe this is real?

My friend Jason parked his car outside a party not realizing his front right tire was not on the ground. He came outside to his car rolled into a tree, luckily it was completely unscathed. Everyone thought it was so funny we moved the party outside.

The hallway leading into a friends house. 5 people live here... so do 30 pairs of skis.

I didn't want to forget the date of our first snow storm.

My 2nd tattoo, which is just as meaningful as my 1st. This way I will always have a piece of winter with me!

My friend Paul fell backwards into a tree that was full of snow. It's the tree directly behind him that no longer has snow on it... Hmmm, I wonder where it all went?

My friend Ashley's car broke down in Silverthorne, Colorado. She lives in Park City, Utah. It's okay, I rescured her... and Taxi'd her.

My roommate Raven feeling mighty sleepy while getting ready for surgery on her broken wrist.

Rachel, I, and CJ having some fun in the gondola at Breck.

My roommates twin brother, Ryan, is a deep sea diver. We bought him this costume hat and he wore it the entire night while he cooked us dinner. To say the least, it fit perfect.

My friend Blake had an Audi. Had an Audi. He popped his tire and was too lazy to get it fixed so it ended up getting towed. I guess that's what happens when you're a lazy ski bum who can walk anywhere, including the mountain. He didn't care, he just hoped the towhees had fun digging it out.

My Romanian friend Alex took me to an Indian buffet restaurant and made me try EVERYTHING (not kidding). I've never tasted anything like any of it in my entire life.

No one really rides through the park at 8:30am, haha!

My friend Jason getting ready to drop a small cliff on a double black diamond run on Breckenridge. This picture does not do justice how gnarly that run was. It was an amazing powder day, and one of the most memorable riding days of the season.

The morning after a big snow fall from my deck.

One of the many hidden forts throughout the trees on Breck. It is terrifying climbing the ladder up to this thing in ski boots. I'm a chicken and take them off on the way back down. It takes a lot of skill to get them back on when you're on the last step without putting your feet on the snowy ground. HAHA!

I installed blue lights in my new X-Terra.

Me and a bunch of close friends hanging out on top of another one of the many hidden forts.

Me and my friends having a late backyard session.

Going through one of my favorite tree runs on peak 9 on a powder day.

Early morning at X Games in Aspen.

Glenwood Springs Canyon on the way back from Aspen. Just this morning a massive rock slide destroyed this part of the road. It's expected to be closed for months.

We snuck my friends dog, Tibby, into Northside, a restaurant we regularly hang out at. What? She likes to hang out, too!

After doing this blog, I can honestly say I am extremely blessed to lead this life. I am loving every single second of my college experience, and will never forget any of these moments. These are truly the best days of my life... and I thank God for that!

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  • March 10, 2010 at 10:00 AM
    Anonymous says:

    your pictures are so gorgeous!!! im thinking about going to CMC next fall! cant wait! :)

  • March 11, 2010 at 8:36 AM

    Great photos Ali. Good job. g


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