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My 5 year-old second cousin, Robert, had a lump on his back surgically removed last week. Earlier this week we found out that it was cancerous, and he's going to be having surgery again to have more cancerous tissue removed. He has always been such a healthy and athletic little boy who's been raised by phenomenal parents, so it was shocking news.

Two days ago a 26 year-old ski legend, CR Johnson, was killed while skiing at his home mountain, Squaw Valley. He caught his edge on some rocks while jumping off a cliff and tumbled straight to his head and neck. CR sustained a brain injury back in 2005 that was thought to be a career ender, but he had an amazing comeback. He is said to be one of the most influential skiers to ever live, and has the record of being the first person to land a 1440, when he was just 17 years old. I would say that the odds of two severe brain injuries is what shocked everyone the most, but with the recent accident of Kevin Pearce, I can't say that is so.

No one can ever see accidents or illnesses coming. No matter how much you try to stay healthy or safe, there is still so much we don't have control over. I have always had a very strong belief that there is a reason for everything. Sometimes it's hard to believe that because you can't help but wonder why God would want such a thing to happen. But I believe that out of every tragic event something positive will happen. I try my best to take nothing for granted. I wake up every morning to a priceless view of Breckenridge Ski Resort. I get to ski almost everyday, go to school in the evenings, and be surrounded by so many incredible people. Everyday I wake up appreciating my life, family, and friends as much as I can. I am praying for a healthy recovery for Robert. And for his poor parents who are under some incredible stress. Even with the stress, they have continued to go above and beyond parenting. I am also praying for the Johnson family and close friends of CR. It's always tragic to see such young talent die so soon, especially after a triumphant recovery. But I know CR is up there shredding mad deep powder.


  • February 26, 2010 at 5:44 PM
    Bobbie Jo says:

    amen! I hope your cousin has a safe and speedy recovery!


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