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This weekend my boyfriend took me to Central City and Black Hawk, two once-mining-towns that have now turned into a hidden gambling mecca outside of Denver. I had only briefly heard of Central City, but always wondered about it because of its giant welcome sign off I-70. I have to say that I was incredibly surprised, it wasn't at all what I expected!

The drive in is absolutely beautiful. The two towns themselves are nothing but historic value, with a good portion of the buildings dating back to as late as 1850! I would define myself as a history buff of sorts, so naturally I was incredibly intrigued by the countless preserved mining sites, historic houses, neighborhoods, and buildings. It's very evident that this town cares deeply for its roots, which is really great to see. It's even more great that the new casinos haven't affected the historic value, but have brought tourism in to appreciate it!

Central City: Then and Now.
Central City: Then and Now.
Black Hawk: Then and Now.
What I also really loved about the town is that the new casinos were built to look like mining buildings. They have a very rustic feel that fits in with the historic town, but also have a very fresh and classy atmosphere inside and out. We stayed at Ameristar, which is the newest and tallest of the casinos. It's an absolutely gorgeous building, I felt like I was in Vegas! It was my first time actually gambling at a casino so I was a bit nervous, but it was so fun! I kind of feel like it was another milestone into adulthood. 

The Fireside Kitchen, absolutely delicious breakfast!!
The view from our room.
The Lodge Casino in Black Hawk.
The Riviera in Black Hawk

If you live in Colorado and have never been, or plan on vacationing to Colorado, I highly recommend spending a day or two here. Whether it's for the gambling or the history, there's a little something for everyone here. I can't wait to go back.

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