March Madness

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Well, it's Mid-March now! Where has the season gone?! Let me start out by sharing my absolutely ridiculous goggle tan. It's okay, you can laugh! I usually wear a face mask but it's been so beautiful out I just couldn't. Oh well!

For tourists, March is known as Spring Break. For locals, March is known as March Madness. And for those who like to have fun... It's known as MUSTACHE MARCH!

It's been exceptionally quiet this month compared to past years... I think people have decided to go elsewhere for their spring break since it's been such a bad snow year. It's been really warm and sunny and the snow is drying up quick- REALLY quick. Apparently we have rain and snow in the forecast, but with these temps it'll just end up being mush and ice! I've gotten my dirtbike out for the first time this month since fall, which was very exciting.

And I've also been able to ski quite a bit, which is also exciting! This week marks the half way point of the semester, which blows my mind because of how nice it is outside. It's always hard to stay motivated, the sun is not helping, haha!

Last weekend I had three friends from high school come out and visit from Wisconsin. We rode Keystone and Vail and their minds were blown to say the least. I'm bummed they didn't get the powder they were hoping for, but the weather was absolutely perfect. It was an awesome weekend and great to catch up.

Lastly, speaking of snow and avalanches (pertaining to my last entry), it seems there are some areas that are hardly lacking. Mt.Baker Ski Area and Mt.Baker Highway in Washington had to CLOSE yesterday because of downed trees over the highway and a MONSTROSITY of an avalanche that occurred at the resort overnight. According to the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center,
"Storm total snow amounts have become increasingly impressive as of early Thursday morning… with Mt Baker having received over 110 inches of snow in the past 6 days!
A very large slide on Shuksan Arm just east of the Mt Baker Ski Area ran into Rumble Gulley mid-morning and overran the tree line buffer protecting the base of the Shuksan Arm Chair… depositing debris into the lower part of the run. 
This slide is reported as the largest ever witnessed in the area by the General Manager… who has been there for over 40 years and who is closing the area to prevent any accidents involving “sidecountry” exposure to the developing extreme danger."
Photo: Grant Gunderson
If you click the image for a close-up, you can see how massive that crown is. It's a miracle that no one was injured, and it's very obvious that Mt.Baker took appropriate action by closing the resort due to unstable conditions.  And in case you're wondering - Yes, the snow is still coming down hard there!

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