Oktoberfest, Snow & Fall

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This past weekend Breckenridge held its annual Oktoberfest on Main St. which I was very excited about. Because I'm finally 21, it was my first Oktoberfest I didn't have to walk around just watching everyone drink. I proudly bought a 1 pint mug and filled that sucker up with the most delicious German Lager Weizen (wheat) beer. Unfortunately the only day I could attend Oktoberfest because of my work schedule was Saturday, which happened to be the one day it was stormy. I thoroughly enjoyed myself nonetheless, and look forward to hopefully enjoying it the entire weekend next year, with nice weather as well.

Sunday Morning, picture courteous of Breckenridge Ski Resort's facebook page.

Photo courteous of Breckenridge Ski Resort's facebook page.
The trees have only just begun to change but there's been quite a bit of snow on the peaks around Summit County the past two weeks. It reminds me of two winters ago when the snow came early and got everyone excited but ended up giving us a pathetic winter. It makes me wonder what this winter will really be like. I've read a lot of different things online. Some say La Nina comes in two's and will be back for another round, while others say La Nina has only struck in two's a few times in history and to expect a more average winter. As much as I'm still cringing at the thought of snow, thinking of a steep and deep powder run always makes me excited. I would honestly rather have another La Nina season... but only time will tell!

Photo courteous of Breckenridge Ski Resort's facebook page.

Enough about snow, fall has just arrived! I recently found a really cool article about some of the best places in Colorado to catch the colors, and Boreas Pass Rd. between Breckenridge and Como made the list. (Read the full article here.) If you've skimmed around my blog you've probably seen the three pictures my old roommate took from Boreas Pass. There are a few other places I plan on visiting in a couple weeks for hiking and pictures, I'm really excited for this fall!

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