Summer, What's Summer?

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I'm not sure if Colorado has decided to play the longest April Fool's joke known to man, or if it's just decided to exclusively host winter. If you haven't heard the word, Colorado has A LOT of snow. Not the "a lot of snow" where the peak hiking trails won't be open for another week... It's a lot of snow to the point that Keystone Ski Resort, that has been closed for 6 or more weeks, decided to reopen this weekend. It's "a lot of snow" to the point that ABasin has extended it's closing day into July. A lot of snow to the point where cities down river are planing for catastrophic flooding. And even a lot of snow to the point where Mother Nature said forget it and decided to just keep sending snow instead of rain.

Below is a collection of all things snow. The first is a video taken May 5th of Loveland Pass, Colorado, from the Loveland Ski Area parking lot to ABasin's. A few feet of snow have actually fallen since this video was taken. *Note that the real snow doesn't start until 1:35.

Next is an article from Weather.com about the flooding concerns in the west... something I never thought I'd have to worry about.

The next is an article that actually concerns the state of Washington, but I found it relevant. It seems like the whole West is dealing with snow concerns right now.

And lastly, some pictures Keystone posted on their facebook of their reopening this weekend... Absolutely insane.

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