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This will be my last post for the end of the school year. Last year I ended with my favorite photos from the year, so I think I will do the same for this year- it will be a tradition! Keep checking the blog this summer though, as I will be posting through out with all my summer adventures!!

As always, I apologize for the quality of the pictures... 98% were taken on my iPhone. And don't forget to click them for a larger view!

Best of Sunrise / Sunset / Sky Photos
At home in Breckenridge.
From my house.
Coming home from class in Dillon. Looking at Buffalo Mountain in Silverthorne.
Coming down from my house, looking towards Frisco/Silverthorne.
In Breckenridge.
In Breckenridge.
From my house.
Looking at Breck Ski Resort.
Even caught a few sunrises in Salt Lake City!
 Even the not-so-colorful ones are cool.
A mountain peeking through the low spring clouds at Copper Mountain.
It snowed for three days straight before I took this picture. We got a quick glimpse of the sun before another storm moved in in April.
The most recent sunset, taken last week at my friends house.
Earlier this season driving to Copper Mountain... this isn't photoshopped.
After an early season storm in Breck.

Best of Winter
My roommates made a snowman after the first real snowfall of the season.

Breck's new 22ft pipe that I fell in love with.
 Me, disappearing in a plum of powder!

See that girl on the top of the podium? Yeah, that's my bestie! 
Denver Big Air, funnest event of my life. Look at that crowd!
My mom coming out to visit and learn how to ski!
Best injury of the season: My friend Matt's face. Three broken bones and a surgery later, he's doing fine!
 Out of bounds between Peak 6 and 7 at Breckenridge on a pow day... one of the funnest of my life!
 Along the road leading up to my house. CRAZY!
Driving through the desert on my way to Utah.
An extremely fun mountain. Snowbasin, Utah.

Best of Fall/Spring
Fall in Breckenridge.
Hiking Baldy Mountain with some friends in Breckenridge.
 Hiking Peak 10 with some friends in Breckenridge. Standing at 13,250ft.
 Now that's what I call a true friend!
Off-roading in Breckenridge.
I fell mountain biking this past fall. (The snowflake is part of my tattoo.) The scar is just as gnarly.
A monumental photo, though simple, taken last week. My first ride on my first dirtbike that I've waited for for over 11 years.

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