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Dear Sarah,

It's been one month to the day. I'm sure you are all settled in up there. I can't imagine it would be too hard. I unfortunately can't say the same here. Loosing you has reminded me that everyone I have in my life is borrowed. I try to appreciate every second I can with the ones I love... because I know someday I'm going to have to give them back. I hope you have been sending Dania some extra comfort at night, she's in a heck of a lot of pain. I wish I could comfort her more, but all she wants is you. From what I know Rory is doing alright. Him and Trennon took an airplane aerobatics lesson together. Still crazy as usual. I pray for him every night. The moving articles of you continue to flood the web. It has been very obvious how many people are so deeply saddened by your death. I think you will be satisfied to know that in every competition every girl has been skiing for you, so you're still winning them all (as usual). I laugh when I think about that... You were a winner, and even your death won't stop you from that! It comforts me to know that you have skied all over the globe since you left... Your spirit is in the hearts of us all. From skiers riding pow in Europe, to park and pipe here in Breck, to tree lines in Japan... You've done it all in the past month.

I traced your signature and me and Dania had them made as small diecuts for goggles, cellphones, etc for all your close friends. I put one on my rear view mirror. This is going to be a tough road for us all... But now every time I look back, there you are to keep me looking forward.

We love you Sarah J. Burke. Now and forever.

Due to all the avalanche danger this year I know all the mountain dogs are working extra hard. I recently came across Rocky P's twitter account and was overwhelmed with cuteness. Rocky P is an Avy dog at Vail resort... And quite popular as well!! His twitter led me to his very own Epic Mix page and tons of Epic Mix photos with fans! Rocky P has logged 168,000ft this season, quite impressive if I do say so myself! (Check out his page here for loads of cuteness.)

(Not sure the story behind this photo, but that is most definitely a deer leg. LOL!)

Rocky P is just one of many avy dogs at resorts all over the globe. These guys aren't only man's best friend... They're heroes, just like the rest of ski patrol. So next time you see an avy dog (who isn't busy) at Vail Resorts, Copper, or anywhere, make sure to thank him with a big pet and smooch on the nose! It makes my day every time I see one on the mountain or chair lift... They just love their job! The happiest dogs are mountain dogs!

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